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  • David Manuel: Biography
    Enlarge ImageDavid Manuel
    Educated at Yale, Mr. Manuel served four years in the Naval Air Force, before becoming an editor at Doubleday. In 1970, to his utter dumbfoundment he discovered that God was real, that He loved him beyond all human understanding, and had been waiting all his life for him to realize it. He left Doubleday to become the first editor of the first Charismatic publishing house, Logos.

    In 1973 he began writing books for the Lord. His first was the sequel to Merlin Carothers’ Prison to Praise. Since then he has written 36 others, including the ongoing bestseller, The Light and the Glory (co-authored with Peter Marshall).

    Two years ago, he wrote The Last Awakening: A Call to Repentance. Of it, Dutch Sheets said, “If this forerunner’s words are heeded, America can be saved, for I am convinced that in The Last Awakening, David is downloading to us God’s passion and prescription for the healing of our land.” And Lou Engle added, “Using recent Providential history like a hammer of hope, The Last Awakening caused my heart to be riveted on revival in America. Now we must seize the day, repent and pray. David Manuel has sounded the trumpet again.”

    His most recent project is a little book entitled Once Upon a Prayer: How to Hear God in your Heart, which puts anyone who loves God, in direct dialogue with Him.

    Contact Info:
    David Manuel
    Box 514, Hull MA 02045

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